Shark Bay Dive Trip 6 Day 6 Night

5 days diving the World Hertige listed Marine park of Shark Bay.

24 Jun,2022 -  30 Jun,2022
15:00:00 -  16:00:00
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6 day Shark Bay dive trip
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6 days diving the World Hertige listed Marine park of Shark Bay.

To say Shark bay is underrated is understatement. Family's of giant Qld grouper in multiple locations, Manta rays, schools of bone fish, The largest whale shark aggregation in WA.

 Dive depths will vary depending on the weather and wants of the divers. A lot of the diving is in under 25m with some very nice deeper reefs covered in fish, sponges and hard Corals.

It is harder diving than some may be used to but it has bigger fish than the Abrolhos, Exmouth,Coral Bay and is well worth the effort!

  •  As there is only 1 main island  50nm long it is not as flat as the Abrolhos and super flat calm evening anchorages. There is always a calm side but the boat may rock with the swell and tide.
  • Good SMB deployment is essential, the tides and current can move you a long way and there is no help.
  • We very strongly recommend  a Nautilus gps. Is is totally isolated a lot of the time and being found at the end of the dive is important!
  • Shark shields are almost mandatory. We have never had a issue but it is called Shark Bay!
  • Advanced open water min diver level.

We require 2 trips to make the travel time economical. We must fill our prior Abrolhos Islands trips to make this economical.


The Southern Image has a "restricted fishing licence" what does this  mean? We may take crayfish all year around without a season, you as the diver do not need a licence from Fisheries.  We may use cray loops, handlines, spear guns  catch enough to have a meal (fishing rods are illegal under licence conditions). We must eat all the catch by the time we get in and you can not take it home.

2022 Trip cost $2900 7 people per trip.


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