Montebello Islands Dive Trip 6 Day- 6 Night

6 days diving the Montebelo Islands 

18 Jul,2022 -  24 Jul,2022
20:00:00 -  16:00:00
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Montebelo Islands Trip 6 day 6 night
6 day Montebello island dive trip depposit. Trip cost $3450
$ 250.00

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6 days diving the Montebello Islands marine parks and Ningaloo Reef.


 Dive depths will vary depending on the weather and wants of the divers. wher ethe best visibilty is.

  • Good SMB deployment is essential, the tides and current can move you a long way and there is no help.
  • We very strongly recommend  a Nautilus gps. Is is totally isolated a lot of the time and being found at the end of the dive is important!
  • Advanced open water min diver level.
  •  We can not dive the Exmouth Navy pier as It is contracted through the exmouth Dive shops.

We require 2 trips to make the travel time economical. We must fill our prior Abrolhos Islands trips to make this economical.


The Southern Image has a "restricted fishing licence" what does this  mean? We may take crayfish all year around without a season, you as the diver do not need a licence from Fisheries.  We may use cray loops, handlines, spear guns  catch enough to have a meal (fishing rods are illegal under licence conditions). We must eat all the catch by the time we get in and you can not take it home.

2022 Trip cost $3450 -7 people per trip.


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