Marmion Marine Park



Marmion Marine Park is located between Trigg Island and Burns Beach and is easily accessible from Image Dives launch at Hillarys Boat Harbour. Spanning an approximate 20 kilometres, the marine park consists of:


Clear shallow lagoons, reefs and small islands all of which provide habitats for seabirds, marine mammals and other remarkably diverse marine life.

The reefs are a diver's paradise, forming ledges,caves and swim throughs. They are inhabited by a wonderful array of fish species and colourful invertebrates. Marmion was the State's first marine park, declared on 13 May 1987. Truly Perth's Local Diving at its finest. Join Us Every Saturday and Sunday for a Local Dive in Perth and see what you've been missing.

Your Hillarys scuba dive departing at 8am and back on the jetty by 1030  it is the perfect way to get you dive fix and still get some jobs done around the hous.

Don't forget that our local early morning dives include hot coffee, tea and a light breakfast including bacon, egg and cheese muffins. Image Dive and Charters is the best value dive charter in Perth.

Some of our Perth Local Scuba Diving Photos:

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