Montebello Islands Diving

The Montebello Islands are one of the Pilbara's great frontiers.

Comprised of 174 islands in the archipelago, the Monte Bello's are located 80 miles off the coast of Onslow or 120 miles from Exmouth. The islands are home to a relatively unspoiled coral reef (largely protected by sanctuary zones) ensuring large numbers of fish life and pristine corals. With 147 islands there are numerous white sand beaches and tranquil bays. Even if you don't want to dive all day you can relax and spend it on the water in your own little bay.

Trimouille Island was used as a weapons testing area in the 1950's. Three nuclear weapons were detonated on the island, sinking the HMAS Plym (1300tonne) that was anchored in the bay in 12m of water. Not much is left of the wreck as it is largely destroyed. The Islands are safe from fallout as long as we only visit the island and don't stay on them.

  In 2022 went to the MonteBello islands to start running dive trips there. We performed a exploration trip but the water was not clean enough to run dive charters there and give the level of diving we wish to offer. It was a amazing place to visit with great islands and anchorages but not one we can predict good visibility( it would have struggled to get past 5m ).