Shark Bay Dive Tours

After diving the Abrolhos Islands the Southern Image will head to Denham to dive the World Heritige listed Marine Park. 


 Trips will depart from Denham and dive from Steep point, the outside for Dirk Hartog Island, Bernia and Dorre islands Weather permitting. 


These trips are for Advanced open water divers only. depth may vary from 10m to 35m. all divers will be required to be confident with SMB deployment prior to the trip. Naitilus lifelines are highly recommended. The diving is amazing and the scenery if just as good. steaming along looking up at 200m high  cliffs and going for a dive 10 minutes later! Matnta Rays cuiseing the shallows, schools of Tuna, untouched dive sites!

The main difference for these trips to the normal Abrohos liveaboards is the lack of shelter during the day. It will not be rough just not as calm as the Abrolhos. 

 6 day 6 night trip cost 2022 $2900


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