Decompression Diving Prerequisites

Below are the requirements for any diver conducting any decompression dive from Southern Image or with Image Dive. They are for your own safety and the safety of others. They are not negotiable, so please check that you meet the conditions and have the equipment before the day, as it is upsetting for everyone if we have to refuse to allow you to dive.

Divers Must:

  • Be certified to do the dive. This includes depth, gases used and equipment specific qualification eg rebreathers.
  • All divers must carry all items on the safety list and have all items for the dive master on request. Run times over 90 minutes must be signed off as approved by Image Dive staff.
  • Fill Out and Sign our Deco Diving Waiver. [Download waiver doc below]{phocadownload view=file|id=1|text=Deco Diving Waiver|target=b}

Prior to a 60m dive:

  • Have at least one dive to 30+ metres in the last 6 weeks and three in the last 6 months.

Prior to a 85m dive:

  • Have at least one dive to 60 metres in the last 3 months  and three dives past 40 metres in the last 6 months

Prior to a 100m+ dive:

  • Completed at least one dive to 80 metres on "The Southern Image" in a competent organised fashion

Lift Bags Rules

  • Lift bags are to have your name on them
  • Mimimum bag size is 1.2m X 20cm diameter( 10cm wide is not accetable)
  • Every diver will put up a red bag if they have lost the line (so they can be counted)
  • In case of an emergency a diver will deploy a yellow bag and the dive master/safety diver will come to assist.
  • If there are any matters that require clarification please contact Luke


In the interests of the safety of the individual diver and others on the boat the following equipment is required to be carried by any diver conducting decompression dives with Image Dive:

  1. All decompression gas is to be carried by the diver
  2. Adequate bail out gas(CCR team bail options are acceptable)
  3. RED Primary lift bag/Surface Marker Buoy [SMB] and reel the same length or longer than the depth of the dive
  4. YELLOW Secondary lift bag /SMB and reel to suit, including prewritten slate for emergency situations
  5. Safety Sausage (may be omitted if the secondary lift bag (#4 above) is a sausage type Surface Marker Buoy [SMB])
  6. Dive plans to be given to the Dive Master (with bailout plans)
  7. Whistle and ONE of the following:
  • Signal Mirror
  • Flare
  • Dye Marker
  • Nautilus rescue gps

Prewritten Slate: Ideally you should have the following already recorded on one side of your slate, so if problems occur you can just circle the applicable conditions and send the slate to the surface in order to obtain assistance.

NEED DECO GAS    40% / 100%- OC only primarily. 


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